Project Management for Museums – Methodology

Museums and brand platforms are complex entities that require many disciplines to be brought together. In addition to classical construction planning, the content must be determined and a visitor experience defined, it is important to know which target groups are reached and which messages are to be conveyed. The processes for the creation of museums or brand platforms are not standardized. You rely on contracts like FIDIC or on existing cost databases and many other standards when building, all these basics are missing in the area of ​​museum / exhibition planning.

Especially crucial is the development of a vision and basic strategy. It defines what the project should aim for, defines the target groups and identifies the functions that the project should fulfill. This basic strategy is developed with the help of interviews and workshops together with the client and serves as the basis for commissioning the designers. It is advisable to first define the content so that the tailor-made room program can then be developed, which an architect can then implement in a building design.

So it is two parallel projects (construction and content), which must be interwoven and coordinated with each other.

A special focus is also on the operation. Operating concepts must be considered and developed from the outset, as they have a significant cost impact.

We advise on the interface of construction, content and operation in the start-up phase, but also accompany you through the entire project. We support the development of a concept, assist with the selection of designers and planners, control content-related processes so that they fit in with the construction processes and ensure that the teams, working in different ways, understand each other and achieve the maximum result together.

The contributors to the content are experts - experts in pre- and early history, jewelry, ethnology, history and more, but not in construction, costs and deadlines. Architects are not experts in content, didactics and visitor experiences. We combine these disciplines and bring extensive know-how for the operation, so that not only a good project is created, but also a long-term success is achieved.