Project Management for Museums - Methodology - Prof. Christine Kappei

Project Management for Museums – Methodology

A large number of exhibition projects don’t finish within time. This is often caused by content rather than constructional deliveries. Project controllers are in charge of constructional deliveries, to ensure the adherence of costs and deadlines, in the interest oft he client. But who creates and monitors the content schedule of museum and exhibition concepts?

Research associates are responsible experts in content creation. They are experts in the fields of prehistory, jewelry, dinosaurs, etc. In rare cases they are specialists of construction process costs and construction deadlines.

These are critical questions, located at the interface between scientific work and the construction process, which cannot be answered by a conventional project controller. Interdisciplinary experience in the fields of construction, media engineering, AV production, graphics etc., is a required prerequisite to coordinate a smooth overall process.

A smooth process allows all parties involved to focus on their subject of matter with a maximum of time, and enables thereby a maximum of quality, financially as well as content related.

Vast experience in the field of exhibition design, including complex and large-scale projects, is a broad basis to identify and manage challenges with regard to content, deadlines and economics in an early stage to ensure a successful project.